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First Blog Evar

So this will be my first blog post ever, if you don’t count posts on Facebook.  I guess I’ll use this space to say that my goal is to post at *least* a few times a week (in different categories), if not more often.

Today is the end of a three day weekend (from work anyways — I still had class).  My free time today consisted of running all around town to buy materials for my Halloween costume and reminding myself that surfing is harder than it looks.

If you are into house music at all you’ll know who deadmau5 is — if not, here’s a link to what I’m making for Halloween. I spent today getting the necessary materials listed on some online tutorials to make the deadmau5 helmet. Also, I’ll be including wiring LED lights in the mouth and eyes to make it really nice. Anyway, it should prove to be an interesting build and an even more interesting night. I plan on laying everything out tomorrow and maybe finish around Thursday. I’ll update sometime between now and then with progress pics.

After running around I met with my friend, Tee at Jacksonville Beach. She’s the one who got me interested in surfing in the first place. Surfing has always been something that looked fun but had no way to try until she let me use her surf board.  From there, its the challenge has kept me hooked.  [Un]fortunately my sister didn’t get any pictures of me on the surf board. She did however get a semi-cool one of my back:

I love how photography is complimentary to just about every other hobby out there. Here are a two pics from a 5 minute shoot right before we headed out.



I’d like to end this post (and every post here on out) with an EDM track. I guess it’s only fitting that today’s track comes from Deadmau5. This is one of my favorite tracks of his, it has a nice build up (intro) to the drop and thats when stuff gets crazy. Enjoy!

Deadmau5 – Some Chords

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  1. October 26, 2010 at 10:48 PM

    did you take that pic? the one used for a banner..it looks like jax pier haha.
    hello!!! (:

    • October 27, 2010 at 2:14 AM

      yup, i took it a while ago lol, and yes its jax pier 😀

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