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Deadmau5 vs Snow White (Halloween Remix)

First of all I hope everyone who reads this had a safe and happy Halloween weekend.

Friday night (10/29) I finally got enough time to finish my Deadmau5 head! Even though there are tutorials online, constructing this thing was harder than I thought it would be.

Anyway, after finishing the Mau5 head on Friday night, around midnight, I decided to take it out for a test run to a costume party (which happens to be 30 minutes away WTF!). I get to the place and its so dead inside I didn’t even bother going in. Friday night = fail 😦

On to Saturday night! After a fairly uneventful and relaxing day I went to two clubs at night. Both of the clubs were running EDM events so I HAD to check them out with my Mau5 head, what better place for it to be appreciated! First stop was Burbon Street for PTP#5 (Phuk The Politics #5), an event ran by my friend and fellow EDM enthusiast, Byron. He basically puts together all the best EDM DJ’s in Jacksonville under one roof. He had two rooms going when I visited, very awesome party and props to him. Here’s a picture that was taken of me from there:

From Burbon Street I went to Eclipse Riverside (I hate that stuff in Jax is so spread out!) to see DJ X. When I first started getting into EDM, DJ X was there for the transition — his CDs anyways. I have his first 4 cds (Club eXperience) and they are awesome. DJ X didn’t disappoint either, spinning a nice mix of oldschool breaks and new stuff, it really made my night. I also had my picture taken with DJ X (wearing my Mau5 head) behind the turn tables. (pics to come)

Sunday was spent rushing to get my heat transfer project done (thanks to my fellow class mates I was able to finish on time) and taking Kay out trick-or-treating. Several people asked me what I was, I merely responded “a mouse”, I didn’t feel like getting into a whole explanation. There was a glimmer of hope, however, when I heard someone call out “DEADMAU5!”, one of the highlights of my trick-or-treating night. I found it funny that despite knowing everything is fake, Kay refused to go to a few houses, even with the temptation of candy, etc.


Here are a few cell phone pics of my costume too:


This is currently my phone background picture, I love it!

Parting EDM songs:
Since Halloween was just this weekend I think a few “heavier” EDM songs are in order. Feast your ears on some dubstep:

Doctor P – Sweet Shop

and a few other non-dubstep songs:

The Prodigy – Omen
Pendulum – Under The Waves
Breaks Remix of the Exorcist Theme

One note about breaks, its what initially got me into EDM. Way back when, in middle school I used to listen to only rap — I think everyone goes through this stage when trying to find themself — and then I discovered breaks through a few of my friends. We used to break dance together and it was only fitting that we listened to breakbeats while practicing. So I started listening to breaks in late middle school. By highschool, Florida Breaks was my favorite genre of music, but then I found a new love: Trance — and more specifically, vocal trance. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for all genres of break beats through <3.

Florida breaks songs: (Texas breaks? maybe — not too sure)

Slim Tim – 1492
DJ Ghostchild – Force Of Gravity (Eyes To Sleep)

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