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Forever Young (Tiesto @ UCF)

This past weekend was the best weekend of this year, by far. (all pics following were taken on a point and shoot)

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a long time and it surely didn’t disappoint. On Thursday night I started packing my bags to get ready to leave for Orlando the next day. Friday I was able to get off early thanks to some super awesome co-workers and hurried home.

Andy and Kristen were waiting at my house to pick me up as soon as I arrived. I slept on the way to Orlando, which was nice. First place we stopped was a sushi place called Bikkuri Sushi (surprise in Japanese) I totally recommend the double salmon roll and the living color roll. Oh and the boba tea is wonderful too — taro is by far my favorite and it was just perfect to start the night off.

After sushi we headed home to get ready to go to the show. Before pictures!

At the show:

This is probably my favorite picture of the night. This was taken after the show on top of the parking garage. We were laying on top of a huge concrete divider just relaxing. We didn’t bother leaving because everyone was exiting at the same time and there was a huge traffic jam. There were also people blasting music, so it was a nice cool down.

And back home:


video of opening songs:

Opening songs

some of the more memorable songs that tiesto played were:

Afrojack – Take Over Control
Delerium – Silence (Niels Van Gogh & Thomas Gold Remix)
Pendulum – The Island Part 1,2

his own songs that he played included:

Lethal Industry
Escape Me
Traffic (one of my favorite songs from back in the day)
Adagio For Strings this came RIGHT after Traffic / In The Dark
Love Comes Again

Words can’t describe the crowd when this song played. Even as I type this blog post, I’m getting goosebumps while it plays in the background. I’d have to say the all-uniting song of the night was:

Mr. Hudson & Jay-Z – Forever Young (Steve Forte Rio Remix)

Closing song: Marcel Woods – BPM

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