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Giving Thanks


Ice Skating group pic

I haven’t been ice skating in a while, probably since last year. I like the coolness of the rink, esp when you’re going fast — its just the right temperature to cool you down. While I was skating, one weird thing I noticed is that I enjoy falling. Something about the process of making a mistake, falling, getting up and laughing makes me happy. Or maybe its the near-falls that I had where I was able to save myself from falling.. I’m not sure if its the rush, or the lack of consequence but it has lead me to embrace the act instead of trying to go the whole time preventing it. So I guess you could deduce that I fell a few times. But it was exhilarating. Now if only I could apply this mentality to the rest of my life, I think I’d be set.

After ice skating the gang and I headed over to Coffee Grinder to chill for a bit and listen to some house music. I don’t know many deep house / progressive house songs but I swear I could name every song this DJ was spinning. I remember him playing Kaskade – 4am (adam k and soha remix), and some Deadmau5. It was a nice and cozy inside. The coffee, company, and music was a wonderful transition to the next part of my night. I was a bit sad that not everyone was able to come out to the club with us afterwards. We set a date, though, in mid-December, after finals week to all go out and forget the past semester — so I eagerly await that.

After Grinder, it was off to Brass Monkey where they were apparently having a house/electro night. I met Andy and Karl there. There was no cover to get in, which was about the only good part of the end of my night. The DJ’s set was disappointing, especially since I’ve heard this DJ spin before. The DJ was Leland McWilliams, he was (still is?) the resident DJ at Tera Nova. I know hes a great DJ but it seems like he was just trying to play mainstream stuff (not really house stuff) to please the crowd. I’ll give him credit though on throwing a few classics out there. Andy and I decided to end it on a high note and leave at the next good song he played which happened to be David Guetta & Afrojack – Louder Than Words which transitioned into a remix of ATB’s 9pm.


Black Friday

I spent $200 on black Friday! It’s not very often that Express has a sale so I had to jump on it for my favorite store! I bought 3 MK2 shirts from there: an aqua blue one (wearing in pic above), a deep purple one, and an off white one with gray highlights. I walked out (at like 630am?) feeling victorious with $50 Express cash to use at a later time. I also bought new shoes from DSW, Kelly helped me pick them out. I wanted kind of a classic/casual look and settled on some b&w Marc Ecko shoes at an awesome price IMO.

There was an Abstract Entertainment party at night. I planned on going but a combination of spending lots of money and being tired kept me from going. I decided to stay in and do laundry. So I popped in LOTR – Return of the King, and just did laundry all night — something about watching movies and doing laundry that goes hand in hand for me. At the end of the night all my shirts (that were clean) were ironed and in my closet. I even arranged it by color which made me realize I have a lot of white shirts. Getting my laundry done and having a clean room is a night well spent to me, my mind feels so much more clear.



I think if I were to list all the things I was thankful for, this would be an awfully long post, but in short, I’m thankful for (this all may sound a bit cliché but its all very true): my family, friends, the internet, engineering (for bringing us wonderful technology such as cameras and cars), electronic music, etc. Too many to list.

I had a pretty relaxed Thanksgiving, as I bet everyone else did. I woke up around 10am. The day before I was contacted to do a family shoot for Thanksgiving. I agreed, because it was for a friend and it wouldn’t hurt to have more money for Black Friday. Here are a few pics from the shoot:

The rest of the day I didn’t eat much and even in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, there was an uncanny lack of food in the house. I ate little meals during the day with the big dinner occurring at Auntie Edith’s house. I ended the night heading over to Ashley’s house where me and Brian N. sang karaoke — well technically I didn’t sing — even though everyone bugged the hell out of me haha. Still a fun night 🙂


EDM songs I’d like to leave you with:

I was trying to think of EDM songs that actually said “thank you” in them and this is one that popped into my head. (vocal d&b)

ATB – My Everything

This is a recent dubstep favorite — possibly to go on my 4th driving mix? we’ll see.

Freestylers – Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)

There are also a few links in the post to some EDM songs, be sure to check those out!

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