On A Good Day

Today was a pretty normal day consisting of my normal routine being school, work, home. It felt as if everyone was reluctant to return back to school after an extended weekend due to Thanksgiving.

Before the break my heat transfer / renewable teacher told us she’d have our tests graded and handed back on Monday. For the first time in a long time, I was excited to get my test back — even right after taking it, I wanted to know what I made. It seemed like everyone I talked to felt like they bombed it. The class average was a 60 (the previous class test average was a 55). Having scored [way] below average on the first test, I had to do pretty awesome on this one. I’m content with my score which will probably be translated to a B after curve — although I could have done better. There were 4 questions worth 25 points each.. and I scored 3/25 on the first question. So much for partial credit right? I’ll talk to her about getting a few points partial credit. Apparently the red marks mean I was wrong, but no partial? I guess 3 points for effort huh? I almost feel like I should have skipped this problem and focused on the others, I may have gotten a better score. (phone picture)

Next was our renewable energy sources test. Average was a 70, which I also scored above average! I was ecstatic. I felt as if my hope had been restored in bringing my GPA up. My days and days of studying (cramming?) and making note cards paid off. It might have also been a contributing factor that I told one of my good friends to change my facebook password so I could not log on even if I wanted to.

So now, with finals week approaching next week — Renewable Energy Sources final next Monday, Heat Transfer next Wednesday; my facebook is deactivated. Here’s to hoping I can pull off 2x B’s!


The song I’d like to leave today is one of my favorite vocal trance songs ever — I may be over-using this title, but just know i really love it. Today was a great day. Even though it was gloomy, the weather was perfect to be outside. I feel hopeful and confident for my future in the engineering program, something I haven’t felt in a long time. The lyrics, i feel, perfectly describe me right now.

Oceanlab – On A Good Day

..but I hold on
and I feel strong
and I know that I can

getting used to it
lit the fuse to it
like to know who I am

been talking to myself forever
and how I wish I knew me better
still sitting on the shelf but never,
never seen the sun shine brighter,
..and it feels like me
on a good day

One more, this song is pretty hard hitting. I first heard it in Orlando when Tiesto played but this is a different remix off of his Kaleidoscope album. I’ve been playing it non-stop in my car for the past few days:

TiĆ«sto feat. Tegan & Sara – Feel It In My Bones (First State Remix)

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