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Calm Before The Storm


So I should probably be spending this time studying, but I promise I’ll get right back on it. Next week is finals week at UNF and I’m not exactly sh*tt*ng bricks but its not something to be taken lightly, even though I only have two finals.

Tomorrow (Saturday 12/4/10) I am shooting my friend Brandon and Abagail’s wedding. Upon initial agreement to do the wedding, I thought it would be just a day wedding, church, etc. Leave it to Brandon to change it up, the wedding will be right after sunset on the Jacksonville Pier. This is will be, easily, the most difficult wedding I’ve shot to date. The combination of extremely low light and, did I mention, extremely low light will be challenging but rewarding as the colors of the sky will be like no other.

I decided that today I need a practice run of what settings I should be using, day of. So here are two shots of my friend, Ashley, who decided to help me. She doesn’t like these pics but I think they turned out OK for only having one OCF (off camera flash). Tomorrow I’ll have two so I’ll be a *little* better prepared. I like the first one more, she likes the second one. What do you think?


I dub this week, the calm before the storm. This storm I speak of has been brewing all semester long, it is the dreaded finals week. I’ve spent just about every night studying and I don’t feel as prepared as I think I should be. But like it or not, here it comes. Best case scenario: 2x A’s; likely: 2x B’s. Two finals and two projects stand between me and winter break!

This week has been interesting, going from the Thanksgiving [extended] weekend, getting decent grades on my tests, and now this — apparently a promotion for Sanrio’s 50th anniversary. I’d like to give kudos to the marketing or whoever thought of this promotion. They’re essentially using the largest distribution system in the world (McD) to advertise their products to a new, younger generation(s).

I ended up buying a few happy meals in the process because they’re just cool watches. I ā¤ watches. This is my baby watch collection. I’d have more but my camera comes first for new toys šŸ˜€

Me and Kayleen showing off our new watches:

Electronic Section (I need to come up with a better name for the electronic music section for the ending of all my blog posts)

Over this past week, I’ve been getting in touch with all of the older vocal trance that I used to love. I’ve been into electronic dance music for about 10 years. It started off with break beats, then vocal trance, and this past year i’ve been getting into more house. But here’s my tribute to some of my old favorite songs

M.A.T. feat Jay P. – Take me high

NRC – Fragile (Club Mix)

4 Strings – Diving

Eon – Pocket Damage (Original Mix)

Lange feat. Skye – Drifting Away

This song has been a favorite of mine for many years.. long intro, skip it if you want. I love it all.

Mind One feat. Rena – Star for Me (pulser remix)

I looked as far as I can see,
and found the special star for me
I want to travel to this star
that looks from here to be so far

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