Love Shines Through

Man, feels like I’ve been putting off updating my blog forever. Now that finals are done I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I recently went out and bought Halo ODST (because it was super cheaper than Black Ops and Halo Reach) and Inception just to kill a little time over the holidays. My dad bought my mom the Xbox Kinect, so that has been fun playing with. While you’re playing, it takes pictures of you doing the wackyest things. When I figure out how to get them off the hard drive i’ll upload a couple.


I’ve spent all day and night (literally) studying — or stressing — over my final in heat transfer. It didn’t help that there was a heat transfer project due the same day as the final. I spent 3-4 hours on the last problem on my heat transfer project, mainly because it was just incredibly vague. By the time my final rolled around I slept 1 out of the past 24 hours. Needless to say, I needed lots of coffee to keep me awake and alert through it. As a result, during the test I used the bathroom twice.. maybe 3 times? I don’t remember. It was all a blur and all I can hope for now is to have passed the class.


Today was my Renewable Energy Sources Final. It was a cumulative final so that had everybody stressing, and we had a project due the same day as the final. The project part wasn’t too bad, just a revision of a report that we turned in previously — the final is really what sucked. I guess I’m ranting a little here, but when you look at the first 4 questions of a test, which are worth 26 points collectively, and don’t have an idea of how to answer, then I guess you’d feel a little screwed too. She claimed that the test was cumulative, but it felt like it was weighted on the stuff we learned way back and like 15 points was dedicated to the material we learned in the two weeks. A bit unfair if you ask my fellow classmates and me. Other than the first 4 problems — which I’m sure no one got — I feel I did pretty good in the class and am within B range.


Today was my friend Brandon and Abigail Johnson’s wedding. It took place on Jacksonville Beach right after sunset. To say that this was the hardest event I’ve shot would be pretty accurate. The combination of a fast pace and extremely low light just make it very difficult to get the shots I wanted. I managed though, two off camera flashes really helped.

The reception was awesome to say the least. Brandon has his own DJ set up so we spun a little electronic along with some main stream songs. Brandon and Jon were actually the ones who taught me how to DJ — although I’m not exactly super awesome, I can do a few things. It was refreshing to hear some electronic at a wedding reception — I can only hope mine can compare.. whenever I do decide to get married.

Maid of Honor, Abagail, Brandon, Best Man


Now onto the LOVE [music] Stimulation of my blog.

I’ve been putting electronic songs at the end of every blog since my first one and I’ve finally came up with a name for it. I’ll have a dedicated tab for it up soon with more information. Here are my electronic songs for this post:

The reception opened with this song. I was like NO WAY are they playing vocal trance.. at a reception, but here it is. You gotta love the classics.

Tiësto – Just Be

During my 24 hour binge of studying, I found this drum and bass (d&b) set. This set is amazing to say the least. I listened to it 4 times all the way through while studying and I also listened to it while taking my Heat Transfer final. I highly recommend it if you like drum and bass, if you need some up-beat background music for a work out, etc. JUST LISTEN!

set download:

The Digitalist – The Low End

Also during my studying binge, I was able to listen and catch up on all the latest electronic. Here are a few new songs I discovered:

Oliver Brooks – Apart (Thomas Datt Remix)
Arnej – We Need Them (Original Mix)
D-mad – We Have It (Original Mix)
Tiësto vs Diplo – C’Mon

And finally, the track for which the title of this blog was named after. I felt this song was appropriate as the lyrics of the first verse really are beautiful, and it relates to the wedding too — love shines through.

Chakra – Love Shines Through
you are beautiful within
you are beautiful without
theres no reason for your mind to be consumed with senseless doubt

there are times we will remember,
there are nights we wont forget,
if we value every moment we will never feel regret

in everything you do,
your love shines through.

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