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An Anticipation of Sorts

There hasnt been much going on these past few days that I’ve been done with school. The only thing on my schedule every day is work out, and go to work. Not too bad I guess. I also have to prepare for next semester which will suck, but whatever it takes to get done!

With this void time now on my hands all I have now is to wait in anticipation for the UNF grades to be posted. I just want to know if I passed or not. I guess the other big event I’m anticipating is.. can you guess?.. ULTRA! — no not Christmas, sorry haha. Now is around the time of year when I start to get excited for Ultra Music Festival which always occurs at the end of March. Even though its 3 months away, the acts are usually posted around now.

So lately my entertainment, in the mean time, has been the new Xbox dad got. I went out and bought FF13 (final fantasy), Forza 3, and Orange Box (with half life 2, portal, team fortress). I’m rediscovering my love for RPG’s 😀 and have spent about 7 hours on it so far. I’ve heard its far from the best story of the FF series, so I look forward to playing the others some time.

Short blog today. Here’s a pic for you to feast your eyes on, I’m actually in this picture.. somewhere.. haha

Now for the LOVE [music] Stimulation part of my blog:

I’ve been obcessed with this song for the past week, damn so good. (D&B)

John B – Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix)

I’ve heard this song a few times at the club — most recently at the Brix while clubbing with a few friends. Even though its not really a hard hitting house song, it still gets everyone moving..

Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love

Last song, one I heard for the first time at Ultra 2009, Paul Van Dyk’s closing set, his last song he played this. Then I heard it again on a podcast of his. This song brings back a rush of memories and emotions that are just indescribable — here’s to the next ultra.

Veracocha – Carte Blanche

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