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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

I’ve not really been updating because the holidays have me pretty busy (lazy) . I hope everyone got what they wanted. Somehow i conjured the money to buy presents for close friends and family while not going too broke. Me and the fam celebrated Christmas Eve at the Basilio’s house and it was great times. Christmas was mostly just spent at home playing with new toys and opening presents. I almost got enough money in gifts to buy tickets to Ultra Music Festival so I’m excited about that.


So there was a lunar eclipse tonight. Took a few pics:

In retrospect I should have used a tripod. Oh well, next time.


LOVE [music] Stimulation

So after all the presents were opened and played with, etc, I ended my Christmas night with DJ Icey performing at Eclipse. He always throws down an awesome set and this time was no exception. Of course, since I just saw DJ Icey, I’m in more of a break beats mood so here we go!

Here are a few EDM songs to end the year with:

This link does not take you to youtube as there is no video with this song on there. It takes you to where you can download the songs for free, so I encourage you to do that. It’s a more mellow break beats song, its very awesome.

Kixar – Everybody Knows

An old techno classic remixed into breaks. Break beats was my gateway drug into the world of electronic music. This is one of the songs that hooked me. Take a trip back in time and enjoy this classic.

Kay Cee – Escape (DJ Icey Remix)

Icey also threw this song down, a remix of a song that came out this year. It’s probably one of the most popular songs of 2010 and the club went wild when the opening notes played..

Swedish House Mafia – One (Stanton Warriors Ghetto Bass Refix)
“release yo’ self, enjoy yo’ self, enjoy yo’ LIFE”

I heard this next song on an electro-house podcast but it sounds like breaks to me. Nevertheless a great song. It has two break downs and build ups. The first one sounds like a trance song and the second sounds (is) dubstep — with a baseline like a break beat and some electro house elements thrown in for good measure.

Aggresivnes – Hits & Hits (Original Mix)

And of course some trance:

Carl B feat. Elsa Hill – Underneath The Sky

A recent hard hitter in the trance world:

Stoneface & Terminal – Moment

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