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Welcome 2011

Christmas time is family time; New Years Eve is for friends at least that’s always been my view.

I woke up at 11:30 on NYE, and felt like a hungry-hungry-hippo. I met with Pauleen (Gold) to go get Pho’d up at Pho King Noodles right by my house. As always, ’twas a nice lunch and fun times with Pauleen. I got a fortune cookie at the end of our meal that said:

You have executive ability. Apply this in the future!”

+1 sign that this year is going to be awesome.

Shortly after I had second-lunch with Kelly K. at Yummi Sushi on Southside Blvd. The sushi was nice and because I wasnt eating I made a crane:

This is a picture also of the of the fortune that I received at PK, and the rose that Kelly made.

On the way home from getting sushi with Kelly, the last sunset of 2010 was spectacular with clouds scattering the orange hues of the sunset. Even though I only saw it for about 3 seconds because I was driving, I guess you could say I took the time to enjoy it.
+1 more sign that this year is going to be awesome.

This year I bought in the new year with some old friends. Of course there was much food and maybe one too many drinks on my part but ’twas a fun and memorable night. Of course here’s some pics:

+1 more sign that this year is going to be awesome.

Something I’m implementing this year: Kaizen
Kaizen is a Japanese principle that basically means “constant improvement” — it’s usually applied to business environments but I believe its best applied in one’s own life. Life is about constant change and the only way to stay on your game is to be constantly improving. Here’s to becoming a better person, one step at a time.

Goals and Resolutions for 2011
–>Gain 15 pounds… in muscle mass [stick to a work out plan/eat better]
–>make straight A’s
–>become a better father through patience and time spent
–>go to UMF13


I went on a video shoot today with Redner and company. We’ve done lots of work together in the past like shot weddings and other events. He continually impresses me with the creativity in his pictures. Today, however, he was not taking any pictures, he was to be the director for a short film. I came along to shoot behind the scenes pictures and to help in any other way I could. Here are a few pictures, also check out the POTW (picture of the week) tab for more pictures of the models:


LOVE [music] Stimulation

I recently heard this dubstep song and loved it. I guess I’m more drawn to the dubstep that resembles trance in the sense that it has a nice melody, break down and build up. This song has all three of those aspects and it hits nice and hard. Turn it up!

Modestep – Feel Good
“‘Cuz the music makes me feel good,
When I see that look on your face..”

I also like to make driving CDs because I get requests every now and then for mixed CDs. Here’s one I recently made that you can download and burn to a CD. I’m not a DJ by any means so they’re not blended tracks, just individual tracks I put together that might be nice to drive to. The beginning of the CD starts out hard and fast with some DNB (drum and bass), dubstep, and breaks for more spirited driving. It progresses to some house, and finally ends with vocal trance, tech house, and melodic breaks for cruising. ENJOY! If the download is no longer available, leave a comment and I’ll upload it again.


I wonder if this is cheating? I found this song after I posted my blog but I don’t want to wait another few days to post it.. so here it is a new vocal trance song. Enjoy

Colonial One Feat. Isa Bell – Always On My Mind

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