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Good Weekend


It’s been a while since I’ve accompanied Redner on a shoot and it seems this will be my last for a while. We were shooting my friend, Matilda. From the morning till afternoon it rained endlessly and only cleared up right before we started shooting which was nice. The rain gave everything a nice texture but it definitely made it harder to stay clean. I think I’m going to need new shoes.

Anyway, the shoot was nice. It was Matilda’s free shoot that she won from Redner in some contest before hand. The theme of the shoot was supposed to have a “dirty pretty” look according to Redner. I merely acted as a second shooter just taking cues about posing and facial expressions. The way he commands the models sounds like it’s second nature to him and I want to get to that level. Here are a few pics that I took:

note: These pics are not edited. I didn’t really see a need to edit them since it wasn’t my shoot. Also I like the natural look so they look fine to me. Feedback is appreciated. More pictures can be found here: POTW (picture of the week)


Tonight was the GK benefit show. Before hand me and Brian N met up and had Panda Express. After we were done eating we were picked up by Ashley SL to give us a ride to UNF to go to the show. When I arrived I realized that I forgot my camera! How could I?? I promised Maicah that I’d take video for her but now I feel bad for forgetting. Oh well, good thing they had an event photographer already. Here are some of Timothy Jay’s pics from the show. It was an awesome performance and a great night for a great cause. More info on GK is here: http://www.gk1world.com/


Redner’s going away partayyyy! One of my favorite photographers from Jacksonville is moving to NYC. Here’s to his good luck. This event was really fun as I met many of the models he’s worked with and other local photographers. He asked me to take a few pictures for him, it was the least I could do.

David, Me, Cathee, Reyna

Amanda, Redner

After Redner’s party, I headed to Qball for Thuy-Vi’s birthday. Happy 22nd birthday Vi. Here’s to many more. Fun times with friends. Someone(s) bought like 20 of us rounds of Irish car bombs.. I swear like 3 throughout the span of the night.. which is easily 60+ drinks — needless to say it was a good night. I also took a few pictures for Vi even though she hates when I do.


LOVE [music] Stimulation

Recently I haven’t had a chance to really listen and stay up to date on the podcasts I like to follow. Also, recently I’ve been running into more and more people that like electronic which is definitely awesome. I’m not sure whether its the fact that its becoming more mainstream, or just the crowd I stay with is changing a bit — I’m happy nonetheless.

A recent shocker was Britney Spears new song: Hold It Against Me. Apparently Rusko (a huge dubstep producer) worked with Britney on her new album and it shows in her new single. The main part of the song sounds like electro house thats been sped up to like 133ish bpm (house is usually around 127bpm). The dubstep drop is a little disappointing too — sounds a little too watered down for me but I’ll let you decide. I guess this is just a stepping stone. I’d like to hear some Subfocus or some Nero on the radio.. that’ll be the day..

Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me

Here’s a bit of mainstream electro house. I love it. It’s so in your face.

DEV – Bass Down Low

vocal trance:

Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders – Fight The Sunrise


Feed Me – Cloudburn (ft. Tasha Baxter)

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