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Since I started this blog I’ve shied away from commenting on local and national news, politics, and just life outside my own. Well there is a specific topic that I’ve been hearing more and more about and thats technology/media overload. I’m starting to see this first hand with my daughter.

At only 6, she has DSi, iPod touch, among various other things. I do feel that we’re being unnecessarily loaded with technology that we feel we just have to have to keep up with the times. For little kids, though, they shouldn’t have any electronics, I think. They just need to get out and play. We’ll see how this all pans out. I’ll continue to try and shy her away from staring at a screen. Good thing its getting kinda warmer so we can do more out door activities.


I didn’t feel like going out tonight honestly but it’s been too long since I’ve paid The Pearl a visit. The Pearl was packed even though it rained on and off through out the night.

There really hasn’t been much else to blog about. I did take my first test of the semester in “Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems” with Dr. Wu. I’ve heard so many horror stories about her. The first test was only 3 questions and seemed relatively easy. She emailed a solutions manual and I’ll be happy if I made higher than average (which will probably be around 40).

My camera hasn’t seen any action since my last post sooooo… next time I promise. In the mean time I’m probably going to end up selling my lenses to go all primes. First on the list: 24L

In all honesty, I mainly wanted to blog because I had lots of new songs to put in my LOVE [music] Stimulation section of my blog so here it is —>

This is LOVE [music] Stimulation. Here I like to post songs that have caught my ear recently and would like to share with you. You can click on the tab above to see a compiled list of all of the songs I’ve had on my blog.

As I was driving home from The Pearl playing a vocal trance podcast, this song came on. It was my first time hearing this song and let me tell you, absolute goose bumps. Damn. I loved it so much that when I got home, I registered on Beatport.com just to buy this song. A 2$ well spent to me. The link to youtube doesn’t have the full song but just a snip. If you want a copy, comment and I’ll send it to you.

Shogun feat. Emma Lock – Save Me (Ilya Soloviev Remix)

Don’t turn away from me
Our love is our energy
Don’t leave me in silence still
Trapped in my own free will

You shine a light
That ignites in me
And your the only one right now
who can save me
So come save me

So I recently heard a remix of this older vocal trance song and i cant believe I haven’t listed this yet so here it is. One of my favorite vocal trance songs (although i tend to say that alot) this would be in the top 10 vocal trance of all time, with the likes of “Fly Away” (Synaesthesia), etc. It seems that the current generation of vocal trance trance is either a great trancer or a great vocal, but not both. This one strikes a nice balance.

Darren Tate – Let The Light Shine In

This is a great house song. Something about Ellie Goulding’s songs, they’re just remix material. Dont miss this one. I love the synergy of the vocals and beat.

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Max Vangeli & AN21 Remix)

Progressive house:

Dresden Johnston – Keep Faith (Morgan Page Remix)

This is a hard-hitting dub song. Below is a link to a youtube video for you to listen although I’m sad that there’s clipping in the song (you can hear it in the bass). After a bit of Google research, I found a version that doesn’t have any clipping so for a copy just leave a comment. Enjoy!:

Feed Me – Blood Red

It seems that I’ve been missing my trance lately and I guess it shows because here is yet another trance song. This is definitely going on my next driving CD. The bass line hits pretty hard and fast but it has a nice break down and build up in the middle of the song.

Sonic Element – Away Without You (Original Mix)

OK, last song, vocal trance. I think I love too many songs because I caught myself typing that I love this song too.. maybe some time I’ll compile all of my favorite vocal trance songs. My friend, Ashley always teases me that I say too many of these songs are my favorite. I can’t help it if I love vocal trance! This one is a bit long but I suggest listening to all of it.

Datt & Bissen feat Tiff Lacey – Take Your Time

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