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So yesterday was a great day. I had my last test of two this week for which I deactivated my Facebook and was at the library every night. It felt like it paid off initially. My first test was on Tuesday of this week (2/1) and I felt pretty confident. What saddened me was, that night, Skrillex was playing at a club in Gainesville (like 1.5 hrs away) and I couldn’t go because I still had my transport test yesterday. After taking it I feel really confident about an A. Here’s to hoping! The rest of this week I’m just coasting till the weekend, hence the title.

To celebrate me and Ashley SL went to Art Walk down town and walked aorund. Later that night Kristen H invited me to go to club UNF Library to chill for a bit. After, we hung out in her car and she serenaded me while it rained around us. I melted. LOL

Today I recieved my systems test back (after only 2 days! whoa!) and I got a 35 😦 . Sounds bad yeah? Well after curving its a C! Oh man, all A’s are still in reach. I’ll probably end up updating again when I get my transport test back too.

Short blog today lol. One last thing. I decided on a few new goals for this year.

1. Build a respectable portfolio and have a nice display at Art Walk by next year (or maybe even this summer?)

2. Run a half marathon.. some time.

3. Use my camera as much as possible. This means I’ll be taking it to school every day. Who knows what I’ll come up with.


Of course if I blog about Skrillex, I have to have one of his songs on the LOVE [music] Stimulation part of my blog so here it is. Just heard this one today. Almost melted my face off. As always insane dubstep:

Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

One more dub song. I love it when people send me music. This was sent to me by Karl M. Very awesome. Not nearly as intense as the Skrillex song but just as enjoyable:

The Streets – Blinded by the light (Nero dubstep remix)

and some house:

Cedric Gervais Ft. Caroline – Spirit Of My Life

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