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I bought my tickets. Yes, it was worth blogging about. 45 more days as of the writing of this post. I can hardly wait.

Even though this will be my shortest post… probably EVER, I can’t forget to post some music for the LOVE [music] Stimulation part of my blog:

trance (arguable house) — sounds a lot like Deadmau5’s style..

Alex O’Rion – Changing Pace

I may be shot for this but, I’m not a big fan of Kaskade.. but the remixes of his songs.. now that’s another story.. case in point:

Kaskade — Fire In Your New Shoes (Sultan & Ned Shepard Electric Daisy Remix)

I swear vocal drum and bass songs.. that are actually good are the rarest finds of all and I’m certainly happy to have found this one:

Skepta – Rescue Me (Sigma Remix)

Just saw “The Socal Network”. Very great movie. I relate a lot to the main character, Mark Z. Just the way he thinks quickly and is very witty is how I aspire to be, albeit more compassionate. Anyway, on to the song, this played in the background of the clubbing scene. Very awesome.

Dennis de Laat – Sound Of Violence

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