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24L[ove] <3

So today I got my first L lens evar. What makes this weird is that my sister and Krystle are looking over my shoulder as I write this, but no matter, I’ll still profess my love for this new lens haha. They’re talking at the same time and its making it really hard to think..

Anyway! I skipped my transport class so I can wait for my lens to come to my door because I had to sign for it. Figures he’d come at like 7pm after I’ve been waiting all day.

Right when he came I flew out the door and got the box from him, walked inside and tore the box open for the lens, I think I broke some record for ripping open boxes. haha

My only test subject this evening was my reluctant daughter. I still got some pretty good candid pictures of her which I’m happy with and im anxious to test it further.

Soooo without further ado, here are some of my first pictures I shot with the 24L:

The rest can be found in my POTW (picture of the week) album.


LOVE [music] Stimulation

I just heard this song, it has two nice remixes, one is elecro house and one is dubstep šŸ˜€

Tim Healey vs. Calvertron ft. Sirreal & Pippa Trix – Rock it Roll it (Dirtyloud Remix)
Calvertron & Tim Healey-Rock It Roll It feat Sirreal Pippa Trix(Kouncilhouse Remix)

Vocal trance:

Heatbeat feat. Jeza – Light Up (Rough Mix)

Another dubstep song. ’tis awesome. check it

Calvertron & Figure – Bring the Bass Back (Calvertron Remix)

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