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Welcome Spring

I thought I had a lot to say.. but it looks like I just have lots of pics for this post. I guess most of it is just me excited for a new lens. Speaking of, I’m about to order a 135L this week. Should be epic.


Boba with Vi and Kay!


Took Kay to the beach for the first time this year. The weather was perfect, just the water was a little chilly. Pics:


FSA event at Adventure Landing = Awesome! I Hope they throw more events like this.

Later that night me and company met at Amsterdam for Nick’s birthday. This whole weekend was filled with multiple visits to Amsterdam and Qball. Here are some pics:


Happy birthday mom! I took my parents out to eat for my mom’s birthday. Also I bought her the “Biggest Loser” game for Xbox Kinect. It looks really fun and I’ll probably end up using it to lose those few pounds before summer. I saw her playing it and she really enjoys it so that makes me happy.

Later on in the day me and Kay went to go play with my friend Brian and his gf’s son. We went to Jump Zone in OP and ended the play date with Mellow Mushroom. Note to self: mellow mushroom = not worth it.


I changed my oil today and took out my throttle body in the Celica because it wouldn’t keep idle. My dad and I cleaned the IACV which fixed it. I took this picture while changing oil — it got an unexpected amount of “likes” so I thought I’d share it here:

more pics


LOVE [music] Stimulation

I associate the name Skrillex with some of the hardest hitting dubstep I’ve ever heard.. but this is a nice change of pace. It sounds like he took one of Deadmau5′ beats and put a little twist on it. Here you are with a progressive house tune by Skrillex. The presence of the vocals are nice and not overpowering.

Skrillex – All I Ask Of You

I was sad initially when I heard Tiesto decided to go house. This is one of his recent songs that restored my faith in him. It’s been mashed up with vocals to make a nice house track. Enjoy!

Tiesto, Hardell, Amanda Wilson – Watching Zero 76 (Dj G-yom Mashup)

Apparently this is an unreleased track from Deadmau5. His album 4×4=12 was epic and I’m looking forward to more releases such as this one.

Deadmau5 – October

Breaks! CHYEAH!

Whiskey Pete and Sue Cho – Holla if You See Me (Gustolab Vs Keith Mackenzie and DJ Fixx Remix)

One of my friends suggested this song to me at least 5 years ago. It’s not really EDM but it deserves an honorable mention. It was brought back to my attention recently. Story of my life:

Mina Shin and Fo Onassis – Dancing In The Sky

Trance (very awesome)

Thomas Kelle – Purple Blizzard (Original Mix)

BTW, note to self: Ultra is sold out now — and tickets are going for 600+ on ebay.. BUY MANY TICKETS WHEN THEY’RE CHEAP AND SELL LATER 😀

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