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New Years Resolutions — Update [long-ish]

Since the year began I’ve received numerous event photography requests including weddings and birthdays. I decided I need new stuff, and recently one of my purchases came in the mail. Its a Canon 135mm f/2.0 L. Let me say first off this thing looks like a beast with a hood that is 80% as big as the body. The image quality is amazing too.. check the Picture of The Week tab for more.

I haven’t been updating too much because school is relentless. It just seems like no one in the ME program can catch a break. Test after test. Whatever it takes I guess, I just want to be done ASAP. Due to the testing and stuff, not much exciting has happened that I’m able to blog about.

There is one (or two) highlights to my week which are the “adventures” that I have with my friends: Kristen and Carol. Initially it started out as just walking around campus between classes. It has now grown into an event once or twice a week where we just decide to do something [relatively] awesome. Our most recent adventure included adventure landing batting cages, flipino store, my house, UNF parking lot, and pizza. epic. Pics:

past pics:

Other pics from past adventures in the POTW album.


I was asked to the pics at an event called EYH which stands for Expanding Your Horizons. It was a very fun event. The event is geared toward middle school girls to show them that science and engineering aren’t just for guys. It included lots of activities such as making towers, bouncy balls etc. I thought it was really cool that they got to meet Miss Florida and Mrs Florida (a past miss florida im guessing?), who both graduated with electrical engineering degrees. I also got to meet them and some of the management at Vistakon which was cool. Of course I had to have a picture with them:


I’d like to send a congratulations out to John [John] Silang and the UNF organization he started called CHIC (Couture Helps Inspire Charity). They held a fashion show to raise awareness for — basically loving who you are and not letting the media tell you what you’re supposed to look like. I took a few pictures of the models walking down the run way:

As far as new years resolutions, I’ve been keeping up somewhat. I haven’t gained any weight but I’ve gotten much stronger since the first of the year. My work out consistency is pretty good. I’m sure if I keep it up, I’ll be where I want to be at by mid summer. In the school area things aren’t going so well. I just have to “tech up” before Ultra. I’ll be gone the weekend of the 25th and then coming back I have a test on Monday and another test on Tuesday which will suck, massively. But here’s to getting good grades. After this coming Saturday (3/5/11) I’m going to try to stay in as much as possible so I can concentrate on making good grades and then just enjoy Ultra in its entirety.


I was thinking about making a blog for Kayleen (my daughter) and making her write in it.. hmmm. Maybe.


Love [music] Stimulation

I was at Art Walk for March. We were leaving the old library after some free food when I heard some electronic music coming from across the street. Usually they play deep house at art walk but this guy was playing trance! and whats more, he was spinning trance on vinyl! WHAAA awesome. I can’t get enough of this song at the moment:

Disfunktion – Desolee (Original Mix)

A pic of the dj that was playing that song:

Here is a vocal trance song I heard recently. This is a remix but the original and the Dennis Sheperd remix sound very similar, you can check those out on youtube. This is my favorite though.

Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Another World (Shogun Remix)

this is a [tech?] house song. I heard it on a podcast and thought it was Deadmau5. It resembles “Reward Is Cheese” but its still a great song with distinct differences. Check it!

Adam K & Duro Daun’t Kick My Bag Bitch

Here’s another house track. I heard a preview of Lazy Rich’s remix of this track and it was epic, so I eagerly await that release. Until then here’s the original version:

Fast Foot – Protect Animals ( Original Mix )

Fast Foot’s entire album can be downloaded for free here (in the information under the video). This is some of the best electro and fidget house I’ve heard and really gets me moving.


Chase & Status – Flashing Lights (Feat. Sub Focus & Takura)

AAANNNDD for a “throwback”, one of my favorite vocal trance songs from years ago:

Dt8 Project – Destination (Darren Tates original mix)

  1. Crystal
    March 4, 2011 at 2:27 AM

    The depth of field on your new lens is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And so is your stunt on the mushroom photo.

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