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What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

So much stuff is happening in the next 2 weeks its mind boggling to me. I cant see myself being any more busy this year. I guess I walked into this one right?

Also I got my Transport Phenomena [heat transfer via convection] test back today. The average was relatively high for my engineering classes: 71. I actually get scared when the test average is high, that means people did really well to bring it up that much and there is a [statistically] higher chance of getting a lower grade. But when the average is around 30, pretty much everyone gets right around 30. It’s a weird feeling. I was content with my grade on this test (70). Looks like I’ll be getting a C in this class easy, but with a curve its still possible to get a B+ / -A 😀

Here’s my sum up of the next 2 weeks. So. Busy.

Week 1:

[Monday] – Start Energy Systems lab, study for Systems test, Transport Phenomena homework assigned

[Tuesday] – Test System Dynamics

[Wednesday] – Sell truck, study for Transport Phenomena test, Strengths of Materials test, ordered 5D -> should arrive today

[Thursday] – hopefully truck is sold, study for Transport Phenomena test, Mechanics of Materials test, use truck money to buy 85mm 1.8 lens

[Friday] – ULTRA WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (unproductive)

[Saturday] – ULTRA WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (unproductive)


Week 2:

[Monday] – Test Transport Phenomena (11AM), Transport Phenomena homework due, study for Mechanics of Materials

[Tuesday] – Mechanics of Materials test

[Wednesday] – Possibly Thermodynamics 2 test

[Thursday] – Pass out (hopefully 85mm 1.8 will be delivered by then)

[Friday] – Work on Energy Lab report

[Saturday] – Shooting Wedding

[Sunday] – Finish Energy Lab report

Week 3:

[Monday] – Energy Lab report due
[All Days Following] – Study for finals..

As you can see, I’m screwed. These 2 weeks would be made MUCH easier if i chose to NOT go to Ultra but I can’t do that. This is the highlight of my year and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


New music for LOVE [music] Stimulation:

These are some pretty hard hitting trance songs. I can just picture these blasting and the crowd going wild. Here’s to counting down to ASOT 500 [A State Of Trance 500 @ Ultra]. The bass in each of these songs just makes me want to move every time and the break downs and build ups give me chills..

Norin & Rad vs Recurve – The Gift (Original Mix)
Airbase – Sand & Sorrow
Ummet Ozcan – Indigo (Original Mix)

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