Finishing Touches [ATRC]

So my last entry was about so much happening. Finally, on the eve of Ultra, I can somewhat relax and look forward to the weekend. I successfully sold the truck — which btw, craigslist is FTW.

My Transport Phenomena test which was on Monday, the day after ultra — AKA recovery day, was moved to Tuesday or later in the week. My Thermodynamics test is probably going to be on Wednesday and Friday. I think I’m set.

All that’s left for me to do now is pack. I’m bringing my 7D and my parent’s little point and shoot camera. My goal for this weekend is to try and document EVERYTHING. When I have free time after the semester ends, I’ll put together an album of my whole trip and have some blank pages for people to sign — kind of like a year book.

In other news, I got my new camera on this past Wednesday. It’s a Canon 5D. To be totally honest, I was expecting something along the lines of the image quality I got from my 40D (which is a newer body). I’m pleasantly surprised to say the least. Something about the FF (full frame) perspective is amazing and it brings out the quality in my L lenses. Here are a few pics I’ve taken since I got it.

my room — you can see in the middle the package that I ripped open to start playing with my new camera haha

vs my sister’s room:

pics from today

More pics in my POTW (picture of the week) tab.

This might sound weird.. but I’ll say it anyway. The 7D takes AMAZING pictures.. its a great body, very responsive, colors and exposure always right on, no noise, etc — I could praise it all day. The 5D however, it gives a more real feel to the pictures.. I don’t know how else to explain it.. maybe it’ll become more apparent the more I use it..



Some nice changes are that some of the headlining DJ’s have extended sets (traditionally limited to one hour)

I’m sad that I’ll miss a few artists I was REALLY looking forward to like Skrillex, Nero, Zeds Dead, Porter Robinson, and Dada Life to name a few. Whatever decisions we make, they’ll be win-win so its not bad.

Back to packing, then homework. The weather was wonderful today [Thursday 3/24/11] and the forecast looks clear for Ultra weekend. Such a good start. I’m also seeing Sucker Punch tonight. Does it get any better? Probably not.


I don’t have too much new music for my LOVE [music] Stimulation part of my blog.

I laughed when I saw this and surprisingly I like it..

Snoop Dogg – Sexual Seduction (Skrillex Remix)

ATRC stands for As The Rush Comes, its a Vocal Trance classic and fits my mood perfectly now as do the lyrics.. sit back and enjoy.

Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes
Travelin’ somewhere, could be anywhere
There’s a coldness in the air, but I don’t care
We drift deeper into the sound, life goes on
We drift deeper into the sound, feelin’ strong
So bring it on.. So bring it on

Embrace me, Surround me
As The Rush Comes..

  1. Crystal
    March 24, 2011 at 5:15 PM

    Have fun!!!!

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