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Friday Ultra [Feel It In My Bones] (yes one week late)

Initially I wanted to blog about ultra as it happened but at the time it just wasn’t practical. So here I am a week later still reliving the experience through the recorded live sets and youtube videos.

Lets start my Ultra journey on Friday morning where I over slept. Ryan calls me at 9pm saying he’s arrived at my house and I’m still laying in bed. Good thing the night before I packed everything up to get up and go once he got here. We got on the road by 09:30 and made good time to Miami. The weather was nice and clear for driving.

According to Google Maps it should take roughly 5-5.5 hours from my house to Miami beach.. but this certainly wasn’t the case as we were stuck in traffic at Miami Beach and spent about half an hour trying to find where to park. Once we parked and got settled in the hotel room it was 16:30 already.

We decided to take the bus with a bunch of other Ultra goers. Here we go!

When we finally arrived at ultra, the line was long as hell! Well I guess that’s to be expected. Even walking up on the park a few blocks away you could hear the bass pounding. The line took us like 20 minutes to get through and then we finally arrived. We walked in on the main stage while Benny Benassi was playing.

Benassi was killin it by the time we got there. Some of the more memorable songs he played were Turbulence, Satisfaction, Cinema (Skrillex remix). I expected him to play Cinema since its a recent single of his but nto the Skrillex remix. The crowd went crazzzyyyy. Perfect way to open Ultra for me on Friday

Here is a download of his set.

(btw links below are videos that i did not take.. the audio on my camera didn’t come out as good =/ )

Benny Benassi – House Music [main stage]

Benny Benassi – Cinema (skrillex remix) [main stage]

After Benassi Ryan and I went to go see Laurent Gartner in the Carl Cox tent. He was throwin down pretty hard so we decided to stay there for a bit. I honestly didn’t know any of the songs he played but the sound system in the Carl Cox tent owned, almost too hard. I had to put in my ear plugs to stand it.

Laurent Garner ended at 20:30 so we headed over to main stage to catch the rest of Duran Duran and get a good spot for Pendulum. Ryan had to go to the bathroom right before Pendulum came on and we lost each other. Shortly after Pendulum came on, I started feeling really sick. I’m just sad I couldnt enjoy this part of Ultra more because I was feeling sick. At least I was there to experience this song.. — I during the course of 3 days, i think i heard this song 3 times, thats how popular this song is.. oh man. So here is the link to them playing The Island Part One.

I’m really thankful though that two guys whom I didn’t know before hand noticed I wasn’t feeling well and got me out of the crowd. Now had this been easy to do, to just walk out of the crowd, I would have done it myself but this crowd was tens of thousands of people thick and it would have been impossible for me to do it alone. So here is my thank you to those two guys. You saved my night.


Now this is actually my third time seeing Tiesto and it just never gets old.. just.. different. I’ll just say I prefer him as a trance DJ but I’m anxious to see what he comes out with in the future as a house producer.

One of the more memorable songs he played was:

Tiesto & Mark Knight feat. Dino – Beautiful World

And he closed out the night with this song. I first heard it when I saw him perform in Orlando a few months back. I still love the song and I’m glad he closed with it..

Tiesto feat Tegan and Sara – Feel It In My Bones

When Tiesto’s set ended that was the end of day one of Ultra. I still hadn’t found Ryan… Cell phones were useless too. There were too many people trying to use their cell phones that it was basically impossible to send/receive anything. I basically wandered around Biscayne blvd for a little while hoping he’d see me but to no avail. Eventually i wandered back to the bus stop from which we came and voila! there he is! Luckily also we got away from the mass of people that our cell phones worked, we were able to call Amanda and David to pick us up.

They drove straight from jax to the festival and had their car so they were able to drive us to the hotel room. That night we had Walgreens sandwiches for dinner. mmmmm

Thanks for reading about my Day 1 of ultra.. When I have time I’ll blog about the other days. This week has been so hectic. When I got back from ultra on Monday, I had to take a test on Tues, and 2 tests on Wed AND I got sick from walking in the rain. Thursday was mostly a recovery day and non-productive.. although I did finally ask Ashley to be my girlfriend.. apparently she reluctantly agreed — after I coaxed her into it.. LOL 😀 . Friday (today) I got my 85mm 1.8 and batteries for my 7D for a wedding that I’m shooting tomorrow (Saturday). Oh summer, how I look forward to your arrival!

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