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Saturday Ultra [Don’t Stop Dancing] (one week late)

I think its funny that to actually write these blogs I’m referencing the pictures I took.. and looking at the times they’re taken.. so here goes my entry for Saturday of Ultra Music Festival.

Friday night (Saturday morning) we don’t get to bed until about 04:00 that morning. Despite this we all (being me, Ryan, Amanda, and David) woke up at about 09:30. Probably due to the fact that the hotel next to us was white and incredibly bright when the sun rose and our window was open haha. Although we were reluctant to get up and start moving the weather was perfect — and I know I’m over-using this word.. but I can’t express to you how awesome it was.



Once we pulled it all together it was off to the beach — luckily our hotel was right on the beach so it didn’t require much effort. One bad call on my part: white boxers + white shorts + water -> does not mix. Good thing I was the only one who brought a camera!

After beaching for an hour, we headed back to the hotel to rinse off and get dressed to walk around the south beach area and have a few drinks. There was no big rush to get to Ultra since we were mainly interested in later acts.

Stopped by a place called Oh Mexico for some beers.


Then off to Five Guys to eat lunch. We wanted to not have to eat inside Ultra because food is SO expensive 😦


After food it was time to head to Ultra.



We ended up making it through the gates a bit faster this time (seemed more streamlined than Friday). We walked in on Avicii’s set and just in time to hear him play the song that made him HUGE.

Avicii -> Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii Remix) [Main Stage]

I’m sad though that I can’t seem to find a download of the set he did on Saturday. I can only find the Friday set he did.

We stayed at the main stage to see Afrojack. Some of the memorable songs he played were: Louder Than Words , Coming Home (Dirty South Remix) [tiesto also played this], and also Hide and Seek

After Afrojack was Kaskade. At the beginning of Kaskade’s set they let loose all these balloons.. ’twas awesome..


Some of the memorable songs he played were: Stars Align Tomorrow / Dynasty / Hands , I remember / Don’t Stop Dancing

After Kaskade we went to go see Moby. Definitely my favorite song that he played was: Rave is King (i couldn’t find a video from this year so here’s one fro 2009). He played some pretty hard hitting techno and it was so awesome. Danced the whole time.


We stayed till the end of Moby’s set and then wandered around until Underworld was done. After Underworld was done performing, Feed Me came on and did a mini-set before Deadmau5. I think that was more fun haha.

Us watching main stage from afar:

Our View:

I moved, Feed Me came on:

I ran all the way up to the front to see Deadmau5 up close. Ryan left in the middle to go see Datsik and Excision. Upon second though I think I should have done the same. I knew Deadmau5 would only spin his own songs — and he basically played his album 4×4=12 but there were some cool moments where Tommy Lee and SOFI came out and performed SOFI Needs A Ladder, Live. That part was pretty cool. Other than that I was sad that his set was a bit predictable.

Deadmau5, Tommy Lee, SOFI

And so ends Ultra on Saturday.

This was probably my favorite moment [main stage].



[Saturday 4/2/2011]

Shot a wedding today.. I’ll blog about that later with pics. I’m exhausted!

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