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Summer, Almost There [My Friend]

[Monday 4/11/2011]

Went to the driving range with Krystle. I’m horrible at golf unless its mini-golf, or driving balls. Maybe one day ill invest in some clubs.. a putter and a driver. who needs anything else??




Making my schedule for some of my last semesters in engineering. Once I’m done with this semester I’ll have only 15 more credit hours of classes to take till I’m done with the engineering program! I’m so excited. I’ll be taking 4 this summer, 7 in the fall and the remaining next spring. I’ll probably end up taking a few filler classes too.. something for easy A’s to boost my GPA a little.

[Sunday 4/10/2011]

Went to the beach today with Kay and Ash. The water was so beautiful today which is uncharacteristic of Jax Beach — usually the water is brown-ish and nasty. Too bad the water was a tad too cold to play in comfortably. We went around 5pm, the sun was shining nicely and we took some pics:





I shall call him ‘Squishy,’ and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy


[Saturday 4/09/2011]

Took pictures for Terrell’s bachelor party:



Thanks for the fun night guys! I had a great time with both sides of the wedding party!

[Friday 4/08/2011]

Took pictures for Recia’s bachelorette party:


It was a great night. So many guys gave me props that night for rollin so deep. haha.

LOVE [music] Stimulation -> Where I post recent electronic music favorites 🙂

Original (drum and bass) and dubstep remix

Chase & Status – Time Ft. Delilah (High Tempo)
Chase and Status – Time ft. Delilah (Primus Palas Remix)

A nice relaxing trancer. Enjoy

Nuera – Green Cape Sunset (Original Mix)

I heard this teaser for a forthcoming album.. Skrillex and Porter Robinson posted it.. wow. If there were a buy button under the video, then I would have bought it already.. check out the preview in this video. There is still speculation as to who Metropolis actually is composed of. Personally I think it’s Skrillex and Porter Robinson… other people say its Pance Party.. either way, I don’t care.. I want this CD!

Metropolis – Trust In The ‘M’ Machine


Groove Armada – My Friend [DJ Icey Remix]
Whenever I’m down
And all that’s going on
Is really going on
Just one of those days

You say the right things
To keep me moving on
To keep me going strong

Above song is dedicated a friend who I’m drifting apart from.. not willingly of course. I can’t say that I haven’t been on the other side of this situation but man.. I feel like I’m losing you here.

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