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Rain Or Shine [Wait For You]

The title of this entry comes from the two shoots I did on Friday and Saturday, very alike in the concept, very different in the execution. As you may be able to deduce, one was rainy.. and the other one was.. wait for it.. sunny. Enjoy the pics. Thanks for visiting.

[Sunday 7/8/2011]

Ava’s first birthday party 😀




[Saturday 7/7/2011] *Shine*

Recia and Terrell asked me to do a reshoot of some wedding pics since they didn’t have time during their wedding. Here are a few pics:



[Friday 7/6/2011] *Rain*

Today I did an E-shoot (engagement shoot) for Eureka and Ezra. I’ve known Eureka for about as long as I can remember because we grew up in the same neighborhood.

The days leading up to the shoot were very nice. I woke up the morning of the shoot and it was very cloudy outside and looking like it was about to rain. We decided to go ahead with the shoot because they would be leaving town right after and this would be the only time they would have to do this.

We went to the Cummer Museum in downtown Jacksonville to do their shoot. When we arrived it was still cloudy but we went ahead with the shoot. Other than a little drizzle, the shoot went great. Here are a few pictures:

You can see in the reflection of the water to the right, the drizzle hitting the water.


You can check out more pictures from all three sets on my POTW (picture of the week) tab.
LOVE [music] Stimulation — If you dont read my blog regularly, I like to post electronic songs that have recently caught my attention. Here we gooo.

For more music check out the LOVE [music] Stimulation tab above.

This is a vocal trance classic and the song for which the title of this entry is named after. I love this song and only recently rediscovered it. Enjoy: (skip the first minute, its just intro)

Lost Witness – Wait For You
This is the love that grows
These are the dreams that all come true
Patience won’t break my soul
My heart will wait for you

Vocal Trance

Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Thing Called Love

Trance — I actually heard this live at Ultra when ATB played it. It was an unreleased track then.. now its released on his new album(s). Check it out

ATB & Dash Berlin – Apollo Road


DJ Fresh – Louder (Doctor P & Flux Pavilion Remix)

Drum and bass (same song)

DJ Fresh – Louder (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)

Both of the dubstep and drum and bass version of the song above are awesome. Check both out!

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