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Initiation [Empty Streets]

My days have been pretty hectic since I’ve started work. I work 10 hours a day, plus a commute thats an hour each way. It’s a bit time consuming but worth it as I am loving the experience. If there ever was a job that was relatively simple, tedious, and repetitive, then this would be that job. Overall I’m satisfied with the whole package.

I’d have to say though that the highlight of my day is driving to and from work. I like the activity of driving when its not stop-and-go. Driving is like my personal time to do whatever thinking I need to do for that day, or just wander around — literally and figuratively.

Also the different driving scenarios (day vs night / traffic vs empty streets) its a nice contrast that goes well with upbeat music like drum and bass vs flowing music like trance.

Wednesday 5/18/11

Today was just a normal day at work — testing valves like normal — etc. Yesterday I remember my coworkers talking about me and how I haven’t been “initiated” yet. I found out that being “initiated” basically missing a step in the testing process so that hydraulic fluid goes everywhere.. and yes it happened today.. I ruined my shirt and pants too. Note taken: don’t wear nice clothes to testing. Even though I screwed up, they congratulated me on making it 2.5 days clean. They said most new people get initiated in a few hours. I found it funny how everyone in the whole building knew I was new and from testing by my shirt haha. My cowokers and I had a good laugh about it.


Tuesday 5/17/11

I moved in with Alvin C. in his apartment, which happens to be in the same complex as Ervin’s apartment, so it was a nice and easy move about a block or two away.

Alvin rolled out this little moving table and I made the coolest set up on it:


And Alvin and Laura made me dinner. Thanks! I don’t know how to cook at all and I figured I’d learn after I ran out of my supply of hotpockets. ‘Twas nice and simple, just what I wanted and needed.



I just remembered my mom reads my blog (she text me earlier that she read my entry today hahahahahaha). THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR EVERYTHING! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!

I’ll be home the first weekend in June! See you then. Make sure Kayleen does her work in school.


For this entry’s LOVE [music] Stimulation — where I like to post my recent favorites in electronic dance music..

This is the song for which the blog is named after, in brackets above. It’s a really chill out vocal trance song that just fit the mood while driving home late at night.. even if the lyrics are on the more somber side. Even the name of the group that made the song fits..

Late Night Alumni – Empty Streets
The city feels clean this time of night
Just empty streets and me walking home
To clear my head

trance? — boarderline house

Tom Hangs ft. Shermanology – Blessed (Avicii Edit)
First sight of rays of light I hear the birds sing
It’s a sign he’s giving me, every thing will be okay
Sometimes when I wake up, and I’m wondering
How my life would have been if I didn’t sing
I get a little stressed out, every now and then
But problems come and problems go when I’m around him
Blessed in the morning
Blessed in the evening
And again I realize the reason why I sing


Felix Cartal & Keatch – Solar


Her Majesty & The Wolves – Glaciers

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  1. Crystal
    May 19, 2011 at 2:00 PM

    Run out of your supply of hot pockets? What about corn dogs?! haha, so glad things are going well for you though!

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