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One Week Strong [Beachbreeze]

I’ve officially been “on my own” for a week and its going quite well in my opinion. 🙂

I really like Tampa much more than Jacksonville now. There’s so much more here to do and see. I have yet to really experience the night life but it’ll have to wait because the next two weekends I’m going to be out of town. It already looks promising though with all the clubs and stories I’ve been hearing.

EDC is this coming weekend (27-28) and I can’t wait! Once again I’m left to make hard decisions on the acts I want to see and miss. By the way, WHOS DECISION WAS IT TO HAVE TIESTO AND SKRILLEX PLAY AT THE SAME TIME?? /rant. I was looking forward to seeing both, as it would be my 6th time seeing Tiesto live — if I missed Skrillex, it’d be the 4th time I missed him play because of other people playing at the same time. Ashley said she’d rather go see Skrillex so I guess thats whats going to happen.

edc schedule

Sunday 5/22/2011

Went to the beach today with company. Very fun times.. except for parking. It took us at least 40 minutes to find parking, maybe because we didn’t feel like paying 15-20$ to park. We eventually found a metered spot for 4$.

The beach at Clearwater is just that — very clear. I love the color of the water. It was perfect beaching weather and the water was nice and cool. Although it was packed we had a great time.




Alvin and his nice save..
IMG_8013 copy

I told them before we left the beach, I had to get a picture of someone wiping out.. well, wish granted:

Afterwards we went to get sushi… but I didn’t bring my camera 😦 . Oh well, ’twas wonderful. Time for rest now, off to my second week of work tomorrow.

LOVE [music] Stimulation!! — Here are my recent favorites in the electronic dance music world!

This is a hard hitting vocal trance song with a nice driving bass line and a nice piano and violin melody in the break down. Listen and enjoy. This is an older vocal trance song and has always been my summer anthem. This is gearing up to be the best summer of my life, hence why its the theme song for this entry (in brackets above) — maybe also since I went to the beach yesterday.

Svenson & Gielen ft. Jan Johnston – Beachbreeze

House! This song is so epic. It has a nice a nice progressive house build to a hard hitting tech house climax.

Adam K – Point Out of a Curve

Brand new off Tritonal’s new album. A nice hard hitting vocal trance song. Love it. The original mix is more melodic and uplifting.

Tritonal feat. Jeza – I Can Breathe (Tritonal Club Mix)

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