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“We Are The Survivors” (Friday EDC – long entry) [Feel It In My Bones]

I’m a bit sad I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have this EDC.

I drove by my self from Tampa to Orlando to meet up Andy, Danni, and Ashley. We spent a little time in the hotel getting ready and discussing who we would see. The “main stage”, aka: Kinetic Field, just seemed like a good place to be all day but I knew I would need a break from that. I wanted to see Metropolis, Porter Robinson, Skrillex, and a few others.

The weather forecast for the day said there was a chance that it would rain late afternoon/early night time. Even from our hotel room we could see rain in the distance but a little rain couldnt deter us from a music festival, so off we went.


Initially we were waiting on two of Andy’s friends that were going to pick us up from the hotel but we didn’t want to wait any longer so we called for a cab downstairs. While we were waiting, there was another guy, Patrick, who was waiting for two of his friends — he asked if he could split the taxi with us, so all five of us went together to the festival grounds.

Since Patrick was alone, he decided to stick around with our group. We arrived early-ish — about 5:30, and there was no one we really wanted to see in that time slot so we sat down on the Circuit Grounds field to watch DJ Dan. After DJ Dan, Metropolis was supposed to come on at 6:30pm. Metropolis was almost at the top of my list of to-see people but by 6:45 I was getting really discouraged; DJ Dan was still throwin down music and there were no signs of him stopping.

So we head over to watch Dirty South who starts putting on an awesome show as the dark clouds loom ever closer.

—————————————–Dirty South—————————————–

Tim Mason- “The Moment(Steve Angello Edit) -> Dada Life – White Noise/Red Meat

As my friend, Andy, said: this is probably the 2011 anthem of all the music festivals.. I heard it at Ultra a few times and now EDC.. Here we are with Dirty South dropping “Coming Home”. The song starts about half way through the vid.. anyone that can ID the first song please do! You can see the clouds in the background and also you can see a few flashes from near by lightning..

Arno Cost – Lise (starts at 2:00)

Apparently this is a new Dirty South song..

—————————————–Gabriel and Dresden + Rain—————————————–

Gabriel and Dresden came on right after and opened with this song. This video is so awesome… As The Rush Comes (DJ Clue Remix) — at 1:25 into the video you can see the lightning!

Throughout the end of Dirty South and Gabriel & Dresden, the rain progressively got harder. The crowd thinned a little but most of the people stuck around which was nice.

Gabriel and Dresden playing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” — in this video you can really see the rain pouring.

The vibe of the crowd around me was one of the best I’ve felt in a long time.. just because everyone that was there really really wanted to be there. Good thing this was a rain or shine event — apparently that does not include lightning though. While Gabriel & Dresden were dropping Skrillex’s remix of Cinema (trance duo dropping dubstep???), an announcer comes over the music and says that they’re stopping the music because of the lightning..

The rain, which seemed like drizzle while the music was blasting, now seemed cold and relentless. Ashley, Patrick, Danni, and I evacuated the field in search of a place to hide out from the rain. All of the spots that you could see or think of were taken.. until I saw some tables not being used. Patrick and I set them up and put them together to make a tiny shelter away from the rain. Best. Idea. Ever. Many people came walking by and complimenting us on our resourcefulness and some even stayed a while.


Being under the table we were still cold and wet and the wind was blowing hard. We could see the rain getting much harder and started to think about ways we could leave. After a while of deliberating and forgetting that they stopped the music because of lightning (and not rain) we heard some bass tests from the stages BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I promise you, it was like magic. Two long bass hits signified the end of our waiting nearly 45 minutes since the music stopped. People emerged from every which way, from hiding under banners, to hiding in porta-poties, to start running to the fields. I waited about 10 seconds until I heard music starting again — which came from all stages at once –.. and if there was such a thing as running and dancing, I was going as hard as one could possibly go. I was “run-dancing” leading my little group back to Kinetic Field where Gabriel and Dresden welcome us back. Bar none, this was the best in-crowd experience I’ve ever had — and I’ve been to two Ultra’s so it was definitely hard to top.

They closed with their most popular song Tracking Treasure Down. Keep in mind this video was shot *after* 30 minutes of nearly torrential rain, cold wind, and no music. I find it amazing that so many people stayed.. It also makes me happy that so many people stuck around — that no small weather event, esp one lasting only 45 minutes would keep us from being any where else in the world.



Feeding off of the crowd’s vibe Afrojack opened. I love his opening songs (bangduck -> take over control), he played it at ultra too. Still a little cold and just super happy that the music was back on, the crowd was so good. I was a little disappointed in Afrojack though because I heard him play many of the same songs he played at Ultra just two months ago. The set is still very good though. I danced the WHOLE time. Of course the crowd went crazy when he played Take Over Control, which is in the opening songs link ^^.

Louder Than Words

Afrojack Closing (Watcha Say)


Earlier Andy left to go see Porter Robinson and meet up with his friends which left Patrick, Ashley, Danni, and me at the Kinetic Field. Later, either during Tiësto or after, Andy meets us up with his two friends that we were going to wait on at the hotel. Turns out that the same two people we were waiting on, Patrick was also waiting on. So regardless of if he would have met us at the hotel, we still would have eventually met him at the festival. It was a really funny coincidence.

Tiësto Opening

One of the “feel good” songs that Tiësto played was Avicii – Levels

He played one of the songs I really wanted to hear from him, one of his recent productions “We Rock

Tiesto – C’mon !!!! “WE ARE THE SURVIVORS!” this is where the title of my blog comes from. Tiesto says it in the video at 01:38.


Feel It In My Bones !! This song is the “theme song” for this entry. It’s become special to me and my girlfriend. 🙂
Ashely said she loves me too, I’m so happy that this festival has brought us close ❤
Tiesto – Traffic, this song is one of my all time favorites. Such a classic anthem that still hits hard!

Tiësto Closing

After EDC was over for Friday we rode back to the hotel with Peggy. While walking to the car, I saw this sign and had to do a triple-take at it.. then I had to take a pic..


We all had pizza and showered and passed out. Great night.


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