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“I Feel Like I Should Have Lasers” (Saturday EDC – long entry) [Awooga]

The first day of any event like this is always a bit unorganized. The second, and last sadly, went much smoother. We all woke up around 10am thanks to the daylight being unbearable. Ashley, Patrick, and I decided to have brunch at Waffle House and load up on some calories for the day.

I didn’t care too much about being there early, the first act I wanted to see was Filo and Peri (a trance duo) who’s set time was 5:30.

After brunch, we headed to Walgreens to stock up on supplies for the day. First on the list of stuff to get was ponchos. We weren’t going to repeat yesterday’s mistake! We also bought an assortment of candy, and squirt guns...and vicks inhalers.
I was so close to getting arrested at the gate lol

—————————————–Filo and Peri + others—————————————–

To be completely honest, Filo and Peri weren’t exactly mind blowing. They played some pretty good songs but the performance was lacking in my opinion. Don’t be afraid to play a little uplifting or vocal trance! Instead they went the safe-er route and tried to make their performance dance-y.. which kinda worked..

D-Mad – She Gave Happiness

Love Is Darkness

They also played “Punk”, but hearing it the night before.. from the DJ that actually produced it (Ferry Corsten) was a little more special..

Don’t get me wrong I still enjoyed it.

After Filo and Peri came on, it was Morgan Page’s turn. The only song I really know from Morgan Page is “The Longest Road” and I really only know that song because Deadmau5 did an awesome remix of it. I had no problem walking out of Morgan’s performance, it just wasn’t doing anything for me.

So off we went.

No one really had any ideas on where to go, so I picked the Bass Pod where AK1200 was playing. We stayed for a bit. The drum and bass was pretty good at times but it just went down hill when he started playing Reggae. Off to wandering again.. We went to the adjacent stage which was Neon Garden where DJ Heavygrinder was playing. Looking at the schedule I was familiar with the name.. walking by the stage and seeing a girl playing.. I thought to myself.. hmmm, I guess Heavygrinder isn’t on yet.

Well I’m glad we decided to stop by Neon Garden, Heavygrinder (which happens to be a cute Asian girl — go figure…) was throwing down some hard hitting electro. I LOVED her set. I heard a few familiar songs, one of them was Pendulum’s “The Island part 1” mashed up with some Deadmau5.. among other heavy hitters. Heavygrinder set my mood for the rest of the night. I highly reccomend checking out her Soundcloud and downloading her sets. They are awesome!

—————————————–Markus Schulz—————————————–

Still buzzing from Heavygrinder, Ashely, Danni, Patrick, Peggy, and I head back to Kinetic Field to catch Markus Schulz. Props to Markus Schulz for playing some great trance espicially bringing it back with the vocal trance classic: Daydream.

Wippenberg – U R

Markus Schulz - 65.4hz (Mr. Pit Remix)

Markus Schulz vs Jochen Miller – Rotunda

He closed with his own track: Markus Schulz – Do You Dream (uplifting vocal mix)

I loved Markus’ set.. maybe because it was during the sunset time slot.. that is always a nice time slot to be in..

Andy mentioned to me that its not a music festival unless you hear Zombie Nation, and Markus played it. Come to think of it, I heard it at Ultra 2009, Ultra 2011, and now EDC. Thats three for three!

—————————————–Benny Benassi—————————————–

Benny. He killed it. End of story.

I saw him at Ultra 2011 and he had an afternoon set.. It was pretty good, certainly not epic. This time at EDC he had a night set which was great.

Felix Cartal - The Joker (Original Mix)

I also met up with Amanda and David there whom I went to this past Ultra with. This made my night 100x better. It was like a mini Ultra reunion, but we were missing Ryan — he had a previous engagement but was with us in spirit.


Help me ID this song please!

Right before we left.

—————————————–Calvin Harris—————————————–

We decided to leave Benny in the middle of his set to go see Calvin Harris (in his entirety). Calvin Harris almost never comes here.. Benny on the other hand.. will be playing in Gainesville within a month or two so it wasn’t a big deal.

Calvin Harris’ set was easily my favorite set of the whole EDC. He opened with his classic “Flashback”. From then on the energy in the crowd and the music was just the best.

He opened with his hit Flashback then transitioned into SVD’s Koko

There is no way, to express in words, how awesome this song is live..

Calvin Harris: ” Orlando, I just wanna check, I just wanna check one thing..
Crowd: WHAT?
Calvin: Orlando are you feeling FUCKING GOOD?! and Are you READY to go FUCKING MENTAL?!?!
Crowd: woooooooooooooooooo!
Calvin: I just wanted to check that.. Carry on..

This is where I got my blog title, the quote is from Patrick actually.. Earlier at CVS he said, “I feel like I should have lasers”– referring to when the song drops of course, hence why he brought squirt guns (but wasn’t able to get them in) so he could point them in the air and go PEW PEW PEW PEW to the beat.

(if you play just one video from this post play this one)

Of course he had to play..
Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone


—————————————–Paul van Dyk—————————————–

Still buzzing from Calvin’s set we head over to Kinetic Field to end the night with Paul van Dyk.

This is what I walked into (this video was taken as someone was walking from Calvin Harris to PVD). PVD is tearin it up!


Paul van Dyk-The Falling

He also played his trance classic, For An Angel, but I can’t find a video for it 😦

Paul van Dyk closing with his song “Home” — he also closed Ultra 2009 with this same song. It gives me goosebumps all over again.

..and I can see it all in you love
and your eyes explode with light
explode with light
I’m covered in your light

My home is where you are
and every beat, and every beat
we’re closer


And so ends EDC Orlando. Thanks for reading this blog. If you attended, comment and let me know how your experience was!

This was my second time seeing PVD close a festival (he closed Ultra in 2009 when it was only 2 days also). Andy said that Diplo was epic, so he’ll be on my mental list of to-see performers. Next festival I’ll try to see more people that I’ve never seen before instead of sticking to the same old, even though its different every time.

As for my review of EDC, I think they did a great job on their first time in Orlando. I realize its a smaller venue with smaller stages but the lay out was good. The free water stand was a life saver! Maybe consider having more than just one at the festival.

I heard on the first day after it rained, they were letting the people that left because of the rain, they were letting them back in for free with out checking tickets.. I have to give major props for this move. They could have called it off and no one would have blamed them, but they kept jamming, which I’m very happy about. One more thing, initially Tiesto and Skrillex had the same time slots.. but due to fans (like myself) who wanted to see both, they moved Skrillex to an earlier time slot so it would be possible to catch both. Way to listen to the fans EDC! You get my two thumbs way up.

Thank you EDC. If you’re here again next year, I’ll be there!

side note:
I found this article to be very funny.. (satire)
I think I saw Molly around both days..

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