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Sarasota [Believe]

I haven’t done a regular update in a while so here goes. I’ll keep it short and sweet. I moved from Tampa to Sarasota about a week ago to be closer to work. My commute time has drop drastically from around an hour and 15 minutes to bout 15 minutes. So it saves me about two hours each day and hundreds in gas. The place here in Sarasota is nice. Props to my friend Kawelo for hooking me up.

Since I’ve moved, nothing else has really changed. All I do really is go to work and then go back to the apartment. I’ll do some exploring later on though. Today I did some cleaning around the place. Here’s a pic of my current set up. The bed by the window on the right is Ervin’s bed. He had to make the same commute from Tampa to Sarasota for work but now just stays with me on the week days to save time and gas.


I’m also making pretty good money and splurged on some nice headphones, specifically the Dr. Dre beats (bud ear phones). I have to say the sound quality and build quality are very nice. I wanted to have nice ones to bring to the gym.

My next splurge?.. well I’ve already got the case for it.. but it’s not released yet.. guess what it is??


I went driving today just to relax after cleaning the apartment. There was this nice little stop in the middle of a neighborhood I was driving through which had benches facing west to watch the sunset so I decided to stop there.




LOVE [music] Stimulation — At the end of every blog I like to post electronic music.

[rant]Before I jump into the songs and links, I do have a bit of a rant. What ever happened to artists releasing their work on CDs?? Above & Beyond, Tiesto, ATB, Ferry Corsten and a few other of the heavy hitters in the electronic genre have recently came out with albums or compliations but the songs are only available for digital download. I’d like to have something tangible for my 10-15$ that I’m spending that maybe has some art work on it, etc. [/rant]

I know I haven’t posted in a while so I have quite a few songs to post now. The first one is the song for which this blog is named after [in brackets in the title]. The original track is by Blessed Union of Souls – “I Believe”. I used to love this song, the piano and violin parts give me goose bumps. Dezza remixed it into a nice uplifting trancer. Check it out

Dezza – Believe

Here’s another by Dezza that is just amazing. This is trance but has a house-y feel to it. The intro and build up make the drops even more amazing.

Dezza – Hefty (Original Mix)

This song is such a good driving trance song..

BT – Always (Funkagenda Remix)

One more trancer 🙂

Third Party – Duel (Original Mix)


Pulseless – Party Days (Utku S. Remix)

Some of these songs are really blurring the line between what to classify as house and trance. This song is no exception. I first heard this at EDC Orlando and its been on my “mental list of favorites” ever since.

Arno Cost – Lise (Original Mix)

I’ve heard this song several times before, maybe on different podcasts and internet radio stations but EDC made me really experience and appreciate this song.

Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix)

Dubstep! (/dnb)

Kanye West – All Of The Lights (Mt Parahaki Dubstep Remix)

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  1. christy.
    June 13, 2011 at 12:05 AM

    wow, so clean. (:

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