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Work Hard, Play Hard [Mush, Mush]

It’s been almost a month since I’ve last blogged. Work and working on editing pictures from Eureca’s wedding has had me ridiculously busy.

Happy Independence Day by the way. Work gives me a paid day off which is why I have time to write this. I just recently finished designing the wedding album for Eureca and Ezra on Friday, then this Saturday [7/2/2011] I shot Riza and Jonah’s wedding. It was a beautiful, traditional ceremony. Here are a few pictures:

IMG_9295 copy


Had lunch with my adventure tiem friends:

Then me and the family went to go watch fireworks, as has become tradition, at The Landing.



A few more pics.

I know I’m missing a lot of events between now and my last blog but either I don’t have high quality pics (like from the Yellowcard show) or I’m just too lazy.

So I guess that comes to the “Play Hard” part.. well I recently bought my tickets for the Tiesto and Porter Robinson show in Tallahassee — and Ultra tickets “go on sale soon” and I’ll be in line for that one too since I already have money saved. Plussss planning many things for the end of summer.

Speaking of end of summer, I’m actually excited to go back to school. Maybe its the fact that I’m almost done.. or that I’m pretty tired of the monotony of doing the same thing 40-60 hours a week.


LOVE [music] Stimulation — my favorite electronic songs as of recent..

Although I love trance, house has been fitting my mood more lately. Here are some HUGE house tracks that I’ve fallen in love with.

Sidney Samson ft. Tara McDonald – Dynamite (Nicky Romero Remix)
Ftampa – Where Is The Bass

This next house song I first heard when I saw Tiesto at EDC Orlando . It hit so hard and I fell in love with it instantly. Fastforward to now, I still blast this when I’m alone at the apartment.. hopefully the person living under me doesn’t get too annoyed. I even changed it to my ring tone (the break down part in the middle). Have a listen!

Bassjackers – Mush, Mush

I recently saw DJ Icey at Suite and he always throws down.


DJ Icey – Everytime I See Your Face

I can’t seem to find any of the other remixes of the songs he played that night. All the more reason to see him as much as possible. Here is one of the songs he remixed (but I cant find the remix that he played)


Avicii – Penguin (Club Mix)

Here is a nice breakbeat with an oldschool feel — the video also brings that old school vibe.

Stanton Warriors – New York

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