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Full Swing [You Got To Go]

I didn’t mean to leave my blog idle for so long. It doesn’t seem as if much time has passed since my last entry that its hard to believe its October already. This semester is different from semesters passed in that my only obligation is school, as opposed to previous semesters where I would have to balance work and school and going out. I’m so close to graduating that I just decided to go all out. My goal this semester is to make all A’s and currently I’m realistically projecting I’ll make at least 3x A’s.

To help myself, I deactivated my Facebook. For the first week I really wanted to check it but now I’m over the withdrawl. I really like not having it. Even though I’m not as connected to everyone, the extra time that I would have spent on there is adding to my productivity.

Part (most?) of the stress from school is coming from my senior design class. Senior design is basically a huge 6 month project that tests all of your skills from previous engineering classes and forces you to become well rounded. I guess you could say I’m enjoying rising up to the challenge. My group’s senior design mechanical engineering project is a joint project with civil engineers. Our team is in charge of designing the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air condition) and plumbing systems for the building. It’s so much more work than it sounds like.

This semester hasn’t been without its highlights though. I saw Tiesto and Porter Robinson on Sept 27th in Tallahassee. The show was awesome. Tiesto dropped some of his (I’m assuming) new unreleased tracks which brought down the house. In related news, I BOUGHT MY TICKETS FOR ULTRA #14 (MARCH, 2012)!! Although expensive, It was the same amount I paid last year for the general admission tickets for three days. Just another incentive to get through this semester!


The last entry before I stopped posting for a while was about Kaydee’s Debutante. Well I just finished editing all of the pictures. I must say I am pretty proud of myself. If I had one word to describe this event it would be “seamless”. Everything was well planned and executed. I had ample time to take some pictures that I’m proud of. Tell me what you think:

Cotillion Practice


Mother and Father

Party Rock

See my POTW (picture of the week) tab for more pictures!

Thank you to Kaydee and family for having me as your photographer!

There is one event coming up that just makes me feel so old. My daughter is turning 7 (OMG!). She’s partly the reason why I’m updating this now. I sat down with her the other day to watch TV, and she asked me,

“Daddy, can we make a website where we can post pictures and videos of us and stuff? — It would be really cool and then people could post pictures back and they can draw and play games”

I told her that I already had a site (this one) and that I would post our pictures here. So this one is for you Kayleen. Also, happy early birthday. I told my parents that I wanted to get her a bike for her birthday. My dad said we could just give her my sister’s old bike. Turns out it fit perfectly: (phone picture)

One last thing! (almost forgot)
I tagged along on a photoshoot with Tu Do, be sure to check out his Flickr. Here are some of the pictures I took.

arren and missy 0031

arren and missy 0013

arren and missy 0010


LOVE [music] Stimulation — This is the section where I like to post my latest favorites in the electronic dance music world 🙂

Because it’s been a while, I’ve had lots of time to hear many new songs. In an effort to not make this post too long, I’ll only post the tops of my favorites from the past two months.

The title “You Got To Go” is from the new Above & Beyond song. I’ve loved A&B for a long time and just recently picked up their new album. They never disappoint me when it comes to trance. The lyrics, I feel, fit this time in my life. Enjoy their song:

Above & Beyond – You Got To Go

Dream on little dreamer
This is how it all begins
Move your feet
Feel how sweet it is

Dream on little dreamer
Follow all of your own signs

You got to gather what you need
You got to choose a direction
And when the moment is right for you
You got to go

You gotta keep your ideals high
You got to know that the sky belongs to no one
and you know you got to go


If there was a sub-genre called uplifting electro-house, that would be this tune. It reminds me of Avicii. 🙂
Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (Original Mix)

I just bought Porter’s EP from beatport. I must say that this is my favorite song from it. Such a brilliant song. I was happy to hear it live.
Porter Robinson – Unison (Original Mix)


Definitely on my list of favorite trance tracks for this year are:

Anhken pres. Fyrsta – If Not Me (Norin & Rad Remix)

This is a nice, softer vocal trance track. The lyrics are beautiful. Check it out.
Andy Duguid feat Fenja – Strings (Original)

Drum & Bass:
This has a nice epic orchestral sound to it 🙂

Nubbin – The Wizards Ascension

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