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Sarasota [Believe]

June 12, 2011 1 comment

I haven’t done a regular update in a while so here goes. I’ll keep it short and sweet. I moved from Tampa to Sarasota about a week ago to be closer to work. My commute time has drop drastically from around an hour and 15 minutes to bout 15 minutes. So it saves me about two hours each day and hundreds in gas. The place here in Sarasota is nice. Props to my friend Kawelo for hooking me up.

Since I’ve moved, nothing else has really changed. All I do really is go to work and then go back to the apartment. I’ll do some exploring later on though. Today I did some cleaning around the place. Here’s a pic of my current set up. The bed by the window on the right is Ervin’s bed. He had to make the same commute from Tampa to Sarasota for work but now just stays with me on the week days to save time and gas.

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