POTW (picture of the week)

I started a picture of the week project around the middle of last year and have been on and off about it but I’d like to start it again and be more consistent. For every blog post I’ll be posting in here also at least one picture.. every week. I love to take pics but I easily lose track of my favorites and this will definitely help me keep track along with let you enjoy some good pics!

The link to the blog for which the pictures are referencing will be above each picture [set] in case there is a context to the pictures or if you would like to read more about it.

Full Swing [You Got To Go]


arren and missy 0040

arren and missy 0042

Summer Almost Over [Levels]


mild sauce

Work Hard, Play Hard [Mush, Mush]

From Riza and Jonah’s Wedding

Independence Day at the Friendship Fountain.


Eureca and Erza Battle’s Wedding Day

Their first dance as husband and wife:

About to throw the bouquet:

One Week Strong [Beachbreeze]

I love this picture because Nick and Jasen (in the background) knew I was taking it so they posed for the camera.. Probably one of my favorite pictures from that day.

An Experiment In Self Sufficiency

Crystal and Brandon0008

Crystal and Brandon [Brenizer Method]

Crystal and Brandon0022

Counting Down [We Rock]

Brenizer Method – 17 shots

5D / 85mm 1.8

This was my first attempt at the “Brenizer Method”. I think it turned out pretty good. I love the DOF and wide angle feel you’re able to achieve with such a long lens. I’ll definitely be using this more, maybe even in weddings and other events.

Ashley SL [Brenizer Method]

Rain Or Shine [Wait For You]




SUMMER! [Save The World]

From Easter:


Photographer: Ashley SL
Karl and I coordinated.. on purpose. Be jealous.

Summer, Almost There [My Friend]

Me and the girlfriend at the beach 🙂

I Remember The Future




Finishing Touches [ATRC]

Got my 5D recently and here are a few pictures from it.

This was one of the first pictures I took on it.. I ran outside and just started snapping..

Dad was doing laundry and watching American Idol:

Spring Break Closing [Kaizen]


Sun and Moon





24L — even though she’s blinking, I still like it..

New Years Resolutions — Update [long-ish]

135L F2.0

135L F2.0

135L F2.0 (those things you see in the picture are those little twirly seeds.. when the wind blew, all the seeds came off of a near by tree)



Welcome Spring

24L[ove] ❤

It’s Been a While

Good Week

Welcome 2011

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