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Happy Birthday MCR

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister!

Today was her birthday and to celebrate, our family and a few friends joined us at Maggianos. I swear this place.. they give you so much food. We went home with (literally) 4 bags and maybe — at least what felt like — about 10 pounds of food! Well here’s to you sis, happy birthday and here’s to many more. I hope you get what you wished for.


My Family! ❤ (from left to right: daughter/sis/mom/dad/me)

Before this — when I was driving home last night (around 1am the 26th) I noticed that there was lots of "heat lightening" in the sky. Right when I got home, i jumped on the roof and snapped a few pics while admiring the beauty.


Here’s a link to the video of what it looked like (in real time)

On another note, I started building my Halloween costume today by following a few tutorials online. I chose to cut up a 13inch hamster ball for my helmet. First I drew all the cuts on the ball with a permanent marker. The next step was to dremel along the lines. This was at 11pm tonight and damn this little dremel is LOUD and high pitched. The box says it rotates at 35,000RPM. When I was using it, it felt like it was going to explode in my hand it was spinning so fast. It cut like magic though. I suppose part of the cutting power lies in the fact that it generates so much friction that it practically melted through the plastic ball. I was actually burned by some of the debris that came off of the ball while dremel-ing. I had to stop when my dad walked in though citing that it was way too late.

Work to resume tomorrow. I’ll post a few pictures too. Hopefully I’ll be just about done with it pending a few parts I have yet to get.

Today’s parting EDM song is the one in the video:

The Thrilseekers – Synaethesia
(non-vocal version)
(vocal version — AKA: “Fly Away”)

I much prefer the one with out vocals. This song is in my top 5 favorite trance songs of ALL TIME! I hope you enjoy!

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